Illustration: Housing by Heidi Chisholm.

The Guelph-Wellington Rural-Urban Program, an urban research project developed by Cohabitation Strategies for the Musagetes Foundation will be published soon. The publication is in progress.

The research methodology included participatory methodologies to engage locals from various neighborhoods and backgrounds. Roundtable discussions, assemblies, driving group meetings, mapping workshops, and a bi-monthly free magazine called The GWRUP Gazette (8 issues) were some of the activities organized around this program. The research aims revealing what is in transition in Guelph (Canada), the based of the Musagetes Foundation, while assisting in envisioning potential cultural frameworks. It is comprised by three interrelated research areas:(1) Local and global environmental, cultural, social and economic processes; (2) The political economy of food systems; and (3) Politics of space: social exclusion and inclusion through housing and urban development. The ultimate goal of the publication is to provide a broadly distributed knowledge base to be used to inform future creative projects in Guelph.

The design of the publication is being developed by Heidi Chisholm, a South African graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. The publication will be printed by PS Guelph, a collaborative project of Musagetes. It is the newest of several sibling publication studios around the world. The focus of PS Guelph is to promote the intersections of the local literary, music and art scenes. The Publication Studio family includes: PS Bordeaux, PS Boston, PS Guelph, PS Los Angeles, PS Malmö, PS Oakland, PS Portland (ME), PS Portland (OR), and PS Vancouver.