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Lucia Babina is a cultural producer, whose practice is concerned on how culture, art and social engagement can stimulate a debate around present day living conditions. In her practice she collaborates with artists, experts from different disciplinary stands and local inhabitants, in order to give people a voice, to stimulate a sense of belonging, and to envisage opportunities of reclaiming the right to decide the way we want to live. Her practice entails use of the story-telling and “relational objects”, the production of art projects, multidisciplinary research workshops, urban actions. She is founder of iStrike.ultd and co-founder of the cooperative Cohabitation Strategies.

Emiliano Gandolfi is an architect and independent curator, co-founder of Cohabitation Strategies and Secretary of the Curry Stone Design Prize. Gandolfi was co-curator of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition – Biennale di Venezia, and before this role, he was curator at the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam. He was co-curator of the public program of the 2009 Tirana Biennial, the 2007 International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, the 2011 public art biennale Evento in Bordeaux and co-founder of REbiennale, a cooperative platform created by a net of associations to share methods, processes and competences linked to self-construction. Over the past years he has been involved in a wide range of projects, exhibitions and conferences that dealt with methodologies and interventions for urban transformation, on both theoretical and practical level. He has lectured and organized conferences in many institutions worldwide.

Gabriela Rendón is an architect and urbanist. Her work combines research, planning and design at different scales focusing on spatial processes and transformations counteracting conditions produced by market-oriented urbanization. Rendon’s areas of expertise include housing and urban policy analysis and development, neighborhood decline and restructuring, and community-based planning. Her current research is based on the politics, practices and constrains of socio-spatial restructuring through citizens active engagement in low-income neighborhoods in Western Europe and America. Gabriela Rendon is co-founder of Cohabitation Strategies, researcher at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, where she has coordinated and instructed architectural and urban design studios collaborating with activist, non-profit organizations, and grassroots groups.

Miguel Robles-Durán, urbanist, is co-founder of “Cohabitation Strategies”, Director of the Urban Ecologies graduate program at the New School/Parsons in New York and Senior fellow at "Civic City", a post-graduate design/research program based in HEAD Geneva, Switzerland. Robles-Durán has wide international experience in the strategic definition/coordination of trans-disciplinary urban projects, as well as in the development tactical design strategies and civic engagement platforms that confront the contradictions of contemporary urbanization. He recently co-edited/authored the book "Urban Asymmetries: Studies and Projects on Neoliberal Urbanization" that reviews the dire consequences that neoliberal urban policies have had upon the city and discusses possible alternatives to market-driven development. Robles-Durán’s areas of specialization are design/research interventions and strategies in uneven urbanization and areas of social urban conflict, urban political-economy and urban theory.

Cohabitation Strategies has formed project coalitions or collaborations with the following persons and organizations:

Guillermo Delgado

Phillip Lühl

Carlos García-Sancho

Taufan Ter Well

Thomas Purcell

Florian Arrijuria-Minaberry

Anne-Cecile Paredes

Fanny Liatard

Emmanuelle Roussilhes-Pouchet

Jeanne van Heeswijk

Teddy Cruz

Erik Swyngedouw

David Harvey

Ruedi Baur

Imke Plinta

Alejandro Echeverri

Tahl Kaminer

Matthias Göerlich

William Morrish

Lorenzo Romito (Stalker)

Chto Delat?

Bik van der Pol (Lis & Jos)

Michelangelo Pistolleto

Damon Rich (CUP)

Marjetica Potrc

Aetzel Griffioen

Peter Zuiderwijk

Merijn Oudenampsen

Jan Konings

Right to the City (EU)

Stealth Ultd.

Netherlands Architecture Institute

The Berlage Institute

The New School

Civic City


The Center for Urban Ecologies


Curry Stone Design Prize

Warsaw Museum of Modern Art


Political Equator

Creative Time

Cittá del Arte

Atelier Tarwewijk

Fabrica Urbana




Musagetis Foundation

The municipal governments of Bologna, Valencia, Caracas, Medellin, Rotterdam, Casarano, Bordeaux, Newark, Guelph and Vienna and Lecce.