Cohabitation Strategies’ co-founder Lucia Babina participated at the Mammamiaaa Social Food Forum, curated by John Thackara. For three days, from March 7th-10th, fifteen Social Food Curators from across Europe met together in Matera,  2019 European Capital of Culture, and in Grottole to share the best practices about social food. 

During those three days John Thackara and the social food curators worked on:

– The Social Food Atlas, an online platform that makes a wide variety of projects visible, in one place, for the first time;
– The Social Food Green Paper, a paper that will be a legacy of Matera 2019 and will help social food projects all around Europe to grow and develop their work in new places with new partners.

The Forum’s participants include:
From Italy: Vazapp, Rete Semi Rurali – Il Querceto, Alce Nero, Wonder Grottole, Avanzi Popolo 2.0, Funky Tomato, Liminaria, Panecotto Ethical Bistrot, Casa Netural and Agrinetural 
From Scotland: SIMRA – Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas 
From Spain: Centro Agroecológico Urbano Surcos de la Montaña 
From Sweden: Sustainable Food Lab and Doors of Perception
From France: Luma Arles with Cohabitation Strategies
From Hungary: Holis 
From Holland: Urbaniahoeve Social Design Lab for Urban Agriculture. 

On March 10th, the participants presented to the public the Social Food Atlas and the Social Food Green Paper at the Sala Levi in Palazzo Lanfranchi, in Matera. 

The Social Food Forum is part of the Mammamiaaa programme, co-produced and developed by Casa Netural, Matera’s social innovation hub, and Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation. Main partners of the Social Food Forum are: Alce Nero, e SUPER Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata del Castello Sforzesco. If you want to learn more look at the video of the Social Food Forum. You can also explore  The Social Food Atlas and The Social Food Green Paper.